What is the ecommerce basic concepts

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What is the ecommerce basic concepts Empty What is the ecommerce basic concepts

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Ecommerce are usually refers to the world in widely in commercial and trading activities, on the Internet, open network environment, based on the browser/server mode, both parties not met for various business activities, and realize the online consumer shopping online transactions between merchants, and online payment and various business activities and trade activities, financial activities and related comprehensive service activities of a new business model.
What is ecommerce, after all, is electronic business is purpose is. ecommerce referred to as EC. Covering a wide range of ecommerce, can generally be divided into [1] business-to-business (,), or your soul -, Business to Consumer (to come -). In addition to Consumer to Consumer (come) to come - - this step growth mode. With the increasing number of domestic Internet use, using the Internet shopping network card payments and the consumption has gradually popular, market share is growing rapidly, ecommerce site also emerge in endlessly. ecommerce of the most common security mechanism has SSL (condom after layer protocol) and SET (safe electronic trading agreement) two kinds.

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