What is the family law in Alameda County technical position

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What is the family law in Alameda County technical position

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Based on the requirement of legal norms, aiming at the close of the current too deficient, new family law in Alameda County from the legislative technology should be firstly updated from vulgar principle to close sex. But as the content, fine requirements must pay special attention to grasp three aspects:
First, the overall consideration and reflect on the social justice, family law in Alameda County safety, efficiency and flexibility, short multiple legal value, determine the optimal selection of the legal concept and basic principle, law, legal norms of structural components -- family law in Alameda County function model, the maximum value and function to realize legal coordination and integration, unity and most fully, most effectively as far as possible, avoid legal system, the internal functions of mutual conflicts and offset.
Second, the current family law in Alameda County changed its generality, abstraction of brief outline form of joint, abandon past "appropriate" and "thick shoulds not be fine after the first rough linen" legislation technology, family law in Alameda County make standard system to elaborate, clear and specific, and adjust the relationship between social reality, and enhance the system, in the form of family law in Alameda County to improve its operation binding applicable safety coefficient.
Third, family law in Alameda County properly configure the necessary legal standard assumption, processing, sanctions, introducing three key elements, legal responsibility mechanism of system structure and the whole structure, the unit, general, typicality legal arms control mode has generality and transparency, and specific aim and operability, Improve the corresponding legal liability system, security system and legal consequences behavior patterns corresponding legal responsibility, the amplitude and phase of the illegal ACTS endangering degree, part of the legal responsibility of illegal behavior cognizance and behavior pattern of voluntary standard. To ensure the family law in Alameda County is clear and joash, effectively control the positive incentive, induce people, prohibit negative behavior of people, constraints, correction of illegal activities, and create a positive law and order.

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