Botox in san francisco in the field of medical hairdressing

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Botox in san francisco in the field of medical hairdressing Empty Botox in san francisco in the field of medical hairdressing

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Aging is a kind of natural law, so far, has not yet found a real prevention and prevent aging of the population and drug. Since 1980, the research and application of facial wrinkles Botox in san francisco treatments, received a better effect, which quickly became popular in Europe, and spread around the world, great for Hollywood stars. Relevant material, the annual growth rate as Botox in san francisco hairdressing 142%, experts predict and evaluate Botox, "21st century will become the main method of hairdressing except knit".

Botox in san francisco is a nerve toxin injection, the muscle, wrinkles caused by god to move around in peripheral nerve muscle joints, diameter, which synapses inhibit the presynaptic membrane, blocking the release of neurotransmitter acetylcholine release muscle tension, thereby decreasing or paralysis paralysis, wrinkles are subsequently and gradually disappear, so as to achieve the effect of facial wrinkles.

Botox in san francisco treatments for facial wrinkles on 1/3, such as: the best forehead grain, grain, the crow 's-feet, brow wrinkled, adapted to the back is not willing to accept the operation of surgery, there are concerns, the surgery, still can cooperate face lift surgery still have tiny wrinkles.

In eyebrow shaping Botox in san francisco eyebrow: rectify the flat, quarrel, plastic.
Botox in san francisco in thin face, thin leg: for facial muscle hypertrophy, calf muscles can reach to become thin face, the calf.

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