What is the NY DVD duplication system consists of

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What is the NY DVD duplication system consists of

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NY DVD duplication system of the controller can be installed in the box, controller of the upper (pictured), can also according to individual be fond of intermediate or any of the box on the layer.
NY DVD duplication system: the connection to the controller, please send NY DVD duplication system jumpers set (MA). NY DVD duplication system chassis: select the model based on controller cases. Such as: NY DVD duplication system of eight to nine choose ten cases. The choice: above NY DVD duplication system suggest connections using 300W above power, poor quality or wattage enough power will make NY DVD duplication system to duplicate, not stable work rate of increase.
More NY DVD duplication system,duplicating speed connection is not recommended set too high, lest affect its stability. As the imported high speed setting, reduce the NY DVD duplication system, ensure quality of duplicating. If set to duplicate rate is higher and work for a long time, the proposal with hard disk, in order to improve NY DVD duplication system of imported quality.

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